Health and Wellness Content Writing Portfolio

Peruse through my health writing portfolio to familiarize yourself with my writing style and approach. Can’t find what you are looking for? Email me for a short paid test to see if we are a match. 

Your future is created by what you do today, not tomorrow.

- Robert Kiyosaki


Hi I am Lillian - the SEO Content Writer your brand needs.

Press the time machine, and we’re back to 2020. I’m a qualified chemist ready to work until COVID-19 hits hard. I choose the next natural thing after atoms and pipettes — writing. Soon, I find myself churning out these long keyword-stuffed, low-quality articles for content mills in the name of ‘SEO.’ It just don’t feel right, but my knowledge of SEO is scanty. I have to learn more. 

Cut to the part I took a 40-hour advanced SEO course by the world’s biggest online bootcamp—Simplilearn, and later, a Technical SEO course offered by Blue Array. Biggest lesson? Google wants well-put, simple, factual, and helpful content. My biggest sense of fulfillment is creating helpful content because that’s what decent human beings do. And Google agrees.

With Skills Training from:

  • Simplilearn
  • Blue Array
  • She Codes
  • TUK
  • Walter
  • Ajira
  • Alison

How it works

My process is designed to make our onboarding as easy as possible. A simple email is a good first step in working with me.


It all starts with a consultation

Here’s where you tell me all about your website and goals. I may ask you questions to get a grasp of what your biz is about.


Next, I create a strategy

I’ll combine what you tell me with research to craft a custom strategy for your website. I’ll share the startegy with you.


Get set, ready, Publish!

With your go-ahead, I’ll proceed to write down blog articles, or web copy for your website, depending on the package you have picked.

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